The predictable journey of the ups and downs of a startup


About The Book

Founder’s FAQ covers the answers to all the possible questions of a founder in a startup journey—whether revealing lifesaving principles for the startup’s survival path, building A+ teams, creating an evolving machine, setting up a neat culture, or interpreting the true path for the fundraising. 

Startups are hard and Founder’s FAQ is a true guidebook for founders and prospective founders. It empowers you to reach your greatest potential on your startup journey by revealing what works and what doesn’t in this predictable journey.

All the chapters of the book are packed with real-life examples from impactful founders, VC partners from the Bay Area, and VPs of scaling startups. This enables you to merge practical knowledge with reality. It can undoubtedly be read cover-to-cover but invites you to open up to any page and digest a quick lesson.

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About the author


Ilker Koksal is a technology entrepreneur, having listed at Forbes 30Under30, Enterprise Technology category in 2018. He has founded two startups; one is sold, other is still ongoing. Although he obtained most of his education from The School of Hard Knocks, he has a BS degree in Computer Science and an MBA. 

Being a founder is always a hard choice, and the process is challenging. Against this challenge, I bring the backing for the founders by putting all my learnings by combining real-life examples into this book. 

İlker Köksal


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